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These super soft brushes designed for use with Brow Henna products combine accuracy and comfort to give you and your clients the best brow experience.
From CHF 14.00
Brush #1 is perfect for clients with thicker or wider eyebrows, with a bristle length of 0.7cm, and plate width of 0.6cm
CHF 14.00
Brush #2 is ideal for those with thinner brows, its thinner structure increased precision when drawing finer lines. Bristle length of 0.5cm, and plate width of 0.5cm
CHF 14.00
Brush #3 angled brush makes incredibly precise lines and does perfect contour drawing. The thin plate and springy artificial bristles make this brush an ideal tool for working with wide and dense eyebrows. Bristle length: 0.6 cm. Plate width: 0.7 cm
CHF 14.00
Brush cone-shaped #4 is used for precise coloring using the “tapping” technique.
CHF 14.00
Brush #0 is a universal instrument for comfortably combing eyelashes, and giving eyebrows their ideal shape.
CHF 14.00