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Refill sachet is a convenient package that will allow you to store a supply of BROWXENNA® henna for eyebrows at the workplace.
From CHF 25.00
#101 Neutral Brown suits dark blonde or light brown hair. In addition, #101 Neutral Brown is perfect for coloring very thin, plucked eyebrows.
CHF 25.00
#102 "Cold Coffee" is suitable for brown-haired women with a cold hair tone. It looks perfect for girls with dark hair and brown eyes. For blondes is used with caution.
CHF 25.00
#103 Rich Taupe is suitable for brunettes and dark brown-haired women. This is the darkest shade in the BrowXenna® palette and can be used to darken any other shade.
CHF 25.00
# 104 "Dark Chocolate" is suitable for women with brown hair and brown eyes. In its pure form gives a rich cool brown tone on the eyebrows.
CHF 25.00
# 105 "Frosty Chestnut" is the brightest shade in the whole line. It works very well for women with dark hair and cold skin. In order to adjust the colour saturation, one can simply vary the product’s consistency and number of layers applied.
CHF 25.00